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Manhattan Bank-it™

This is a new poker game that mixes elements of Card Sharks®, The Weakest Link®, craps, poker and of course, luck.


Play starts with the player sitting to the left of the dealer and continues clockwise. 

Starting call: Initial player must call that the first card revealed is 'higher' or 'lower' than an 8. From that point on, players must call whether the next card revealed will be higher or lower than the previous card. If an 8 is the first card revealed, player keeps turn and calls the next card.
Correct hi-lo call: 1 unit paid to bank
Bank is paid by stacking money/chips in front of each player who pays.
Wrong hi-lo call: Turn is over and moves to next player.
Bank-it call: Money in the bank is collected, turn is over, and play moves to the player to the left. Player must get at least one 'hi-lo' call right before being allowed to bank the pot. For the banking player only, all payouts and insurance amounts are tripled until the next player's turn is over.
Ace on first card or after another revealed Ace: 2 units received immediately from each player. In addition, for every payout following until the end of the game, the unit is doubled (i.e., if the initial unit was 50 cents, the new unit is now $1). If another ace appears (triple aces), the player receives 2 of the now-higher units from every player and every following payout unit is doubled once again (i.e., in the case above, the new unit now becomes $2) 
Ace at every other time: Bank is liquidated, meaning that money in the bank returns to its original depositor, and turn moves to next player.
Last card called in the game: 2 units received from every player if card is called correctly, and player receives any money in bank. If not, any money left in bank returns to original owners and game ends.
Pairs of 234s and JQKs: 4 units paid to every player.
Trips of 234s and JQKs: 12 units paid to every player
Pairs of 7s and 8s: 4 units received from every player
Trips of 7s and 8s: 12 units received from every player
Any other pair or trips: No money is paid or received and player continues calling.
Flush: 1 unit received immediately from each player. There is no insurance against a flush.
Straight: 4 units received immediately from each player. Insurance costs 1/2 unit and is automatically banked as long as following card is correctly called.
Straight flush: 16 units received immediately from each player. Insurance costs 2 units and is automatically banked as long as following card is correctly called. If a player hits his flush but not the straight flush, the flush payout must be paid in addition to the insurance.
Calling player must announce straight or flush possibilities before calling 'hi' or 'lo'.

Pay The Bank - Money is stacked in front of the player (combined stacks comprise the pot)
Bank It - Money in pot is collected and the turn moves to the next player
Bank Run (Crash) - Triple 234s or JQKs
Heist (Jackpot) - Triple 7s or 8s.
Liquidator - The Ace.


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